Star Project

The Star project is located 190 kilometers northeast of Smithers, BC and is within 5 kilometers of the Omineca Resource Road and powerline that served the Kemess Mine. The 2500-hectare project is underlain by ultramafic rocks that are prospective for copper, nickel, cobalt, PGMs and gold. Previous work identified multiple showings consisting of copper and nickel sulphide mineralisation with accompanying PGM and gold values. The showings are identified within six distinct zones spread over a 12-kilometer strike length including Queen Zone, GL Zone, HB Zone, HC Zone, Libra Zone, and Ridge Zone (see accompanying Figure 1 for Zone locations as well as additional areas identified for follow up).  

Highlights of some of the best mineralised copper and nickel sulfide bearing rock sampled by Ms. Mowat from the various are identified below:
•    1.18% Cu, 0.17 g/t Au, 0.11 g/t Pd  from the Queen Zone 
•    0.78% Cu, 0.25% Ni, 833 ppm Co and 0.27% Cu from the GL Zone.
•    0.09 % Cu, 1.32 g/t Pt and 1.82 g/t Pd from the HB Zone.
•    0.87% Cu, 0.18 % Ni, 0.12 g/t Au, 0.41 g/t Pt and 0.83 g/t Pd from the HC Zone.
•    0.31% Cu  Cu from Libra Zone 
•    0.30% Cu, 0.28 g/t Pt, 0.25 g/t Pd from the Ridge Zone.

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